Get answers to common questions

1. What is the minimum age limit to place an order?

For you to register with TEEZ DC, you need to have attained a minimum of 21 years of age. We follow the rules and regulations set by the government, which allow you to consume weed for recreational purposes only after 21 years of age. If you have attained this age, then you can share the details of your ID proof and join the best marijuana delivery service Washington has. You can get a question asked about your age right at the start of the website. Only when you are 21 years of age or above; should you mark it as yes. At the time of delivery, your ID will be checked, and when you fulfill the parameter of your age requirement, your product will be delivered to you.

2. How many times can you place an order in a day?

We are here to help our customers get every possible help they need with marijuana, weed, or Cannabis related products' delivery. So you don't need to keep an account of the number of times you are ordering. You can place an order every time you feel like taking a puff. We will deliver your stuff directly to you, no questions asked. Not every Cannabis delivery DC can give you this assurance. But we are here for you. You can place another order moments after you have placed your first one, and we will get it delivered to you.

3. Do we need to give a tip to the delivery person, or is it included in the delivery charges?

We do have different payment methods available, so you won't have any trouble paying for the delivery of the product you have ordered. Our delivery staff is working hard day and night to help you stay at home and enjoy your weed in the comfort of your bed. You get everything you need right at your doorstep without moving an inch out. So it would be a very nice gesture if you give a tip to the delivery staff as a gesture of thanks. Although your satisfaction happens to be our priority so depends completely on you how you want to move ahead.

4. Do I need ID proof to register?

If you are a first-time visitor to our website, you will see that our website will pop up a question about your age right in the beginning. Only when you have attained the age limit can you proceed with browsing our pool of weed and cannabis-related products. Unlike any other DC Weed service, we have a pretty strict rule-following nature. So you will get to browse and buy the product only if you have an ID proof at the time of registration to confirm your age limit.

5. Do you deliver outside Washington DC?

No, right now, we are focused on helping the customers located in Washington DC. You live in any corner of Washington DC; you can simply place an order, and depending on the area, the time taken for delivery of your product will vary. We do have our plans for expanding, but right now, we want to focus on our trusted customers in Washington DC. We want to become one of the best marijuana delivery services Washington has.

6. Do your charges vary depending on the area?

Yes, that is correct, our charges do vary with respect to the area it has been ordered from. When the order is placed from somewhere nearby, the charges would be very less, but as the distance of destination increases, the travel allowances and delivery charges will vary accordingly. However, we assure you it is not like other Cannabis delivery DC services. When compared our charges will be far less than some other renowned names in the sector.

7. Can there be variations in order placement address and address of delivery?

Yes, of course, you can place the order from anywhere across DC. If you don't want to get it delivered to the same place from where you ordered, you can simply change the address of delivery to the location where you want it delivered. Our delivery service staff will bring your stuff directly to you at the address mentioned in the delivery address section. As one of the most trusted DC marijuana store we will make sure you get the best products delivered to any place you want.

8. How can you register with the website, if you are a first time buyer?

There are only a few things that you need to know when you are a first time buyer. If you follow them, the registration process will seem very easy. For you to register with us you need to upload a picture of yourself holding your ID so we know who the ID belongs to.
You also don't need to be worried about the security issue as your information is completely secure and your data is not permanently stored in our system. We are dedicated to making our website user-friendly and safe. We also provide you an option of keeping your address confidential on your ID before sending.

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